Schomberg Country Run

Founded in 2011 by the late Rev. Sheilagh Ashworth, the Schomberg Country Run has taken place every year, raising tens of thousands of dollars to promote Reconciliation through the support of Clean Water initiatives, beginning in Pikangikum. Our efforts, combined with others, have resulted in success for Pikangikum firmly on the path of sustainable, clean drinking water in every home. But a huge amount of work remains for the many other reserves under water advisories, some for decades.

The choice of Water First, an NGO, supports sustainability of clean water. Funds are used train Indigenous candidates to achieve full certification to operate, maintain and repair Indigenous community water systems, many of which are in Ontario. Restoring clean water supplies speaks to Call to Action #18 in the TRC report of 94 Calls to Action.

Angela Long, in her article Walking For Water says: As he drives past the river that was once “the lifeline” of his village, Isaac Murdoch thinks the equation for Canada’s reconciliation with First Nations is simple.

Clean water means good reconciliation,” he says. “Water not so good means reconciliation not so good.

For 12 years, this has been the only advertised opportunity to join in Reconciliation efforts in King Township, with funds responding to Call to Action #18 in the Truth and Reconciliation Report.

Response is growing every year, with a record of $25,000 sent to the beneficiary last year.

Expenses are minimized through the generosity of provided in kind services and donations

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Ways to pay your “Registration” fees:

(please note that “Donations” are handled differently – see Sponsor Sheet)

  • Cash (on site Sept 30)
  • Cheque payable to: “Anglican Parish of Lloydtown”  (116 Church Street, Schomberg, ON, L0G 1T0) bring, mail, or put in mailbox at St. Mary Magdalene
  • Interac (EFT) to  Be  sure to put “SCR registration” in the message box.  Scan completed form to the same email address so we can register you.
  • Eventbrite, go to and search Schomberg Country Run
  • Questions? call Carol Ann at 416-559-7898 or email