The Rev. Sheilagh Ashworth, Incumbent

Born and raised in a faith-based family in Toronto, Ontario, Reverend Sheilagh Ashworth pursued her studies in theology at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto, where she graduated with honours in a Master of Divinity. She was ordained in 1998, and has been active in Christian ministry and community for over 20 years. Reverend Sheilagh is a priest in the diocese of Toronto and the incumbent of the Anglican Parish of Lloydtown, where she preaches at St. Mary Magdalene in Schomberg and Christ Church in Kettleby. She is also the regional Dean for the Holland Deanery, Chaplain to York Simcoe Ambulance and a Fresh Start facilitator, where she mentors Anglican clergy in new charges.

Prior to joining the Anglican Parish of Lloydtown, Reverend Sheilagh served as Associate Priest at Trinity Anglican Church in Aurora, St. Mary’s in Richmond Hill and as the Curate at St. Phillips on the Hill in Unionville. She was a student at St. Paul’s in Innisfil and an assistant at L’Arche Daybreak Community, where she lived for a number of years as an assistant.

Young at heart, Reverend Sheilagh particularly enjoys children’s and youth ministry. She has a natural ability to teach, participate and lead – in a fun and engaging manner. Whether it’s children’s talks during service, summer camp for kids or youth retreats on a weekend, Reverend Sheilagh fosters a spiritual community and takes the initiative to lead by example and encourage others to join. She loves preaching and applies her passion in extracurricular activities. This is most evident with the annual Schomberg Country Run, an event that Reverend Sheilagh identified as an opportunity to raise funds for clean water initiatives in Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario, as well as her teaching efforts on an Indigenous unit at local grade schools.

A mom to two daughters and a keeper of bees (20 hives), Reverend Sheilagh finds time to enjoy a few hobbies that keep her healthy in mind and body, such as woodworking, wilderness camping, soccer and honey making. Happy Honey is the name of her homemade product line and is a true reflection of her outlook on life.

You are welcome to join Reverend Sheilagh on her adventures in the community and in her Christian ministry at St. Mary Magdalene or Christ Church, where you are sure to be greeted with a warm smile and an encouraging word, enlightened by the Gospel and share a good laugh or two.

Joy Gannicott, music director – St. Mary Magdalene

Alexandra Spencer, music director – Christ Church